You can send applications for participation in the evening program of KFF until April 20, 2016.

Applications without the full video of performance with costumes and all sets will be not valid.


KFF announces the selection of groups and solo artists for participation in the following categories:

Group performances (fire theater, or other group)

Solo performance


Applications for the GALA will be accepted till April 20. If you missed a chance to send us an application till 20th of April, you can still send it in order to participate in the Day program or Open Stage in CAMP.

Also there is a form of applications for those wishing to take part in the KFF in:



DRUMS  SCHOOL  (and other instruments)

DAY PERFORMANCES  (circus, dance, theater, etc.)


– Decide what is the fire genre of your show (dance, synchronous act, theater, circus and juggling, trick and illusion, pyrotechnic, go-go). Better just to appreciate what you can do well and accent on this.

– Describe the main idea (concept) which is contained in performance. Because our festival task is to show the most impressive show, then there must be either an idea or technique or both. KFF is not a competition, there is no need to be measured by anything – only to discover the potential,  beauty and accuracy of fire act

– Organize and show your act. If only think about performance – then write a rough script on time, as detailed as possible, include sketches, for already completed should be sent video without installation. The script and the video will help the organizers to understand what may be superfluous, and that the highlight your show. 15 minutes is usually more than enough to show the most striking moments (excluding theatrical shows)

– Describe your props and requisite (in document or in video), since we need to understand how much fuel and pyrotechnics(which type?) will be involved in the show. Do not forget about any unusual or special effects\devices such as “exploding people” better to discuss in advance. For those, who wary of plagiary – believe us, we have neither the desire nor the time to repeat your findings, especially because we definitely have something to do))).

– Describe the potential of your team by sending us a list of participants – often happens that a half of 10 performers do not act but create a fuss at the site and extra expenditure.

– Apply the appropriate photos and links to videos. We will review everything if necessary, but, as a rule, we need of quite a few pictures and a few videos for the understanding and the rest will show your site

– Remember – the most important is being a part of the festival! Even if your application will not pass the qualification in the main program of KFF – be sure, that if you done the work, and you can implement your ideas in one performance, and if you decide to come and show it on the KFF on your own expense – who knows, maybe your performance will break all records on YouTube, and the audience will call your show the best of the best!